The Women’s Club is open to all the women of the parish.  They meet on a monthly basis at Guild Meetings and also have two Open Meetings a year.  They encourage spiritual growth, create opportunities to grow in friendship and provide financial assistance to the parish. Our mission statement:  We are a spiritual, social and service ministry of woman who through our fellowship and fund raising efforts assist the parish and local charity organizations. 

Guild Membership:

If you have ever wanted to expand your circle of friends you will find the opportunity to meet and get to know other Catholic women with similar values and interests.  The time required is quite small about two hours each month which includes meetings, social activities or small projects.  Each of the five Guilds is unique and you will choose the one which best matches your interest. 

We hope you will consider Father's suggestion that we reach out and get to know members of the parish.  By joining the Women’s Club you have the opportunity to share some of your many gifts with friends and with the parish community.  In return, you will come to know the warm hearted, compassionate and fun women of Our Lady of the Brook as close friends

Meetings dates & times:

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Chili Supper in January: over 150 people turned out for this event.

Women's Club Board:

Sandy Koziol, Joanie Sosinski, Marian Steinwandtner, Peg Kritek, Diane Murphy, Suzanne Noonan, Diane Spanier , Patti Whalen