Infant Baptisms take place on the second and fourth Sunday of the month at 12:00 PM or at Mass upon request. Parents are required to be registered and active members of our parish. Parents are required to attend our Baptismal Preparation Program. Attendance at class before the birth of the child is allowed. Parents are asked to choose a godfather and a godmother who will take the role seriously and be a good role model for the child. Church law sets minimum requirements for godparents: at least 16 years old, already confirmed and a practicing Catholic. Non-registered members who request a Baptism for their child are required to attend a Baptismal Preparation Class at their own parish and present a letter from their Pastor giving Our Lady of the Brook permission to baptize their child. Call the rectory to make arrangements.

Preparation Classes for the first reception of this Sacrament takes place in second grade prior to the reception of the Eucharist. It may also take place in later years. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated every Saturday at 4:15 PM until all confessions are heard. Communal Reconciliation Services are planned in Advent and Lent. For other times, please call the rectory to make an appointment.

The celebration of the Eucharist is a central part of our faith community at Our Lady of the Brook. Please consult the schedule for the times of the Masses. Preparation for the first reception of this Sacrament is traditionally done in the second grade, but may be done in later years. Please call the St Norbert Religious Education Office to register.

If you are sick, homebound, hospitalized or in a nursing home, please contact the rectory to arrange for Holy Communion to be brought to you.

Couples requesting to be married at Our Lady of the Brook are required to contact the parish at least six months prior to setting dates or making plans. Marriage Preparation Classes are required. Please call the rectory for more information