Confirmation preparation for children of parishioners at Our Lady of the Brook begins in junior high, with the Sacrament of Confirmation celebrated in 8th grade. Classes are either part of the religious education program or the Catholic school at St. Norbert.

High School Youth Ministry
Our Lady of the Brook encourages high school teens to be involved in the life of the parish; in Liturgical ministries, as volunteers in our religious education program, in community events, and in service opportunities like the parish’s commitment to Hilda’s Place, a shelter in Evanston.

We partner with St. Norbert’s parish for activities which include the annual Kairos Retreat for juniors and seniors, and the annual summer Habitat for Humanity trip. Our Lady of the Brook and St. Norbert’s teens are always welcome at the activities hosted by both parishes.

SPRED Program

SPRED –Special Religious Development

Faith formation & Sacramental Inclusion for Children & Adults with Special Needs

OLB SPRED began meeting in November of this year.  SPRED is a parish based small community of faith serving people with intellectual disabilities/special needs (our friends), their families and catechists.  SPRED is based upon an experiential and symbolic catechesis model known as the ‘Vivre’ method.  It is respectful and sensitive to the needs of our friends.

The goal of SPRED is to help children and adults with disabilities develop an awareness of God in their lives; an awareness of themselves as persons of dignity, who are loved by God; and an awareness of themselves as an integral part of the parish community as well as the entire Church.  To become aware of God in our midst is to believe.

If you are interested in joining us as a Catechist or Friend, please contact:

Suzanne Noonan 847/509-0629

Ron Hartzer 847/564-5493

Mary Beth Manso 847/409-7918

We will gladly provide information as to how you can become a part of this ministry, including becoming a financial benefactor. Most importantly, please keep us in your prayers


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